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   Over 50 years of dedication

Agromar, with over 50 years of experience, continues offering the best quality in preserved products and ready-made dishes. The history of our company goes back to 1948 when Armando Barrio Mata, from Gijón, had the original idea of packaging sea urchin roe, in those days very plentiful on the rocks and beaches of Asturias.

Initially aimed at family consumption and to be used as a present, this singular product did not take long in showing commercial possibilities Armando was quick to see and develop


In those days there were many small artisan canning companies spread throughout the Cantabrian coast, like the one his father had in 1920. Armando himself manufactured and commercialised salted fish products, perhaps the most handcrafted example of preserves.

He finally registered the trademark in 1968 which, 21 years later, led to the birth of what we today know as CONSERVAS AGROMAR, a young and innovative limited company.

   A Leading Company in Constant Evolution

New times, new ideas and new needs have driven the constant growth of Agromar in the past few years, regarding sales, the range of products and production capacity, tackling new challenges and eagerly entering highly competitive international markets.


The success of Agromar products and their clear positioning in the “gourmet” segment, have led our preserves to be now be present in the most exclusive Delicatessen restaurants and shops in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, USA and Hong Kong, this undoubtedly being the best reward to the work carried out for many years, while also an encouragement to continue working in a dedicated and thorough manner.

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