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Gold Serie

   Preserves (100 g round cans)

In the past few years, an unwavering urge to excel has driven the launch of a large number of products as part of our GOURMET line. The line of select fish and shellfish pates has been one the most successful in the market.

Nine different varieties, prepared in a handcrafted manner and without additives, can be found at present:

• Sea Urchin Pate
• Lobster Pate
• Scallop Pate
• Spider Crab Pate
• Large-scaled Scorpion Fish Pate
• Cod and Peppers Pate
• Salmon and Seaweed Pate
• White Tuna Pate
• Mussel Pate

Formats available:
Packing: OVALADO      
100 g

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